IELTS Lessons

The IELTS Lessons (International English Language Testing System) help you acquire the IELTS certificate easily and quickly. With our help, you can attend IELTS lessons online and prepare for the examination.

For studies or employment abroad or in Greece, the IELTS is the appropriate certificate to validate your language skills in English. The results of the IELTS examination are announced promptly (after 13 days), which is a significant advantage.

The IELTS constitutes a precondition to apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate programme in several universities abroad, while it is required of foreigners in some countries, since it proves their level of knowledge in English (Excellent – Very good – Good). For anyone who wants to study, work or live in Greece, Great Britain, Australia or else, the IELTS provides certification of one’s language skills in English.

The full educational course for adults wishing to receive the certificate has a duration of 45 hours, covered in one month, and the course costs 290€. There is the option of distance learning, with fees reduced by 20%. Long distance registration initially includes the candidate choosing a group. To reserve a place, upon submitting the application, the candidate shall deposit 90€ in advance. Next, there is the official enrolment in the group and receiving all necessary learning material (books and CDs) via courier services. All learning material is free of charge. Fees are paid by collect on delivery upon receiving the learning material, having deducted the advance (290×80%=230-90=140€). The student is updated after every lesson via e-mail and receives all necessary material, exercises, notes etc. Moreover, every student can participate in weekly tests conducted in real time. The candidate is in direct contact with the tutor for any corrections and notes or possible questions. At the end of the course, every student participates in a mock examination.

The IELTS is officially recognized by the Supreme Council for Personnel Selection (ASEP) as a certification for the English language. The grading scale is as follows:

IELTS score

Level  (Knowledge)

Corresponds to

4.5 – 5.5



6 – 7

Very Good 


7.5 and above



The examination includes the following sections: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The examination takes place regularly (every 10-15 days), in Athens and other cities in Greece, during the whole year.