Russian Lessons

Russian Lessons via the Internet will help you in Tourism or in your profession. You can now learn Russian easily and without too much effort. The number of tourists visiting Greece from Russia is increasing rapidly and this is one of the many reasons you should learn Russian. If you speak Russian fluently, it is an additional advantage in your résumé.

The examination for the Russian language by the Pushkin Institute takes place twice a year for all levels: in winter, in November and December, and in summer, in May and June.

The examination takes place always on a Saturday, beginning at 10:00 am. The average duration of the examination is four (4) hours. The date of the examination for each level is announced thirty (30) days in advance. The respective examination centre is announced ten (10) days before the date of the examination.

The Pushkin Institute adheres to the instructions of the Common European Framework of Reference for modern languages, which determines the levels of language skill according to the level of knowledge, competency and communication:

  • B1 “basic knowledge” (examination fee: 155€)
  • B2 “good knowledge” (examination fee: 240€)
  • C1 “very good knowledge” (examination fee: 240€)
  • C2 “excellent knowledge” (examination fee: 240€)

You should start learning Russian via the Internet, since you can learn to speak after only a few lessons.