Greek Lessons

Greek Lessons help foreigners who live in Greece or wish to learn Greek.

Teaching Greek to adults as a foreign language.

Preparing foreign candidates who wish to acquire an official certification of knowledge for the Greek language is realised by educational courses that are based on the requirements of the examination held by the Greek Language Centre of the Hellenic Ministry of Education.

The GREEK Start course offers an introduction to the Greek language for beginners. It lasts 1 month (50 hours) and it costs 290€. The GREEK Basic course offers basic knowledge of the Greek language (A2 level). It lasts 4 months (130 hours) and it costs 760€ in total (4×190).

Upon submission of the application to reserve a place in the course, the candidate is to deposit 30€ as a registration fee and an advance of 60€.

The examination for the National Foreign Language Exam System (KPG) includes 4 sections, in written and oral discourse. The examination is held in May every year for all levels. The fee for the examination is 65€ for levels A2, B1 and 75€ for levels B2, C1. The certification of competence for the Greek Language (A2 level) is necessary for the issuance of a professional license, appointment in the Public Sector etc. In that case, the examination is held 3 times a year and it does not include the section of written discourse (essay writing).