GMAT Courses

The GMAT Courses (Graduate Management Admission Test) are ideal in case you want to study Finance (e.g. MBA). The best way to acquire this certificate is to attend online lessons.

The GMAT is the most popular test for the English Language for studies in Finance. For anyone interested in continuing their studies or their career on an international level and for anyone who wishes to apply to an educational institute in Greece or abroad with a prompt announcement of their results, the GMAT is the ideal solution.

The basic preparation course includes 50 hours (5 weeks) and it costs 290€. Upon submission of the application to reserve a place in the course, the candidate is to deposit 50€ as a registration fee plus an advance of 50€.

The fee for the GMAT examination is 307.5$ (250$ + VAT). The fee is charged in dollars on a credit card and the bank converts the sum in euros, based on the respective exchange rate that applies on that day.

The GMAT offers a consistent and objective measurement of one’s skills, besides the requirements of application for the candidate. The examination is computer-based and it is realised in particular examination centres and under the same conditions worldwide, ensuring maximum security, so that all scores are comparable for all candidates.

The GMAT is a standard examination for the English language, designed to test one’s verbal, mathematical and analytical skills in written discourse, which the candidates have developed during their entire educational and professional career. The GMAT does not take account of knowledge in business management, professional qualifications or other knowledge in a particular field; it focuses on general skills in logic and critical thinking.

The examination lasts about 4 hours and it is held almost every 5 days, during the whole year. Results are announced promptly and they are officially publicised after 10-15 days.