Albanian Courses

You can now take Albanian Courses via the Internet. Albania is a neighbouring country, offering many opportunities. Three different certificates are awarded for the Albanian language by the UNIVERSITETI I TIRANËS. The examination for each certificate is held in June. There is a different examination for each level (A, B, C).

Level of knowledge:
A – Basic level
B – Intermediate level
C – Advanced level

Level description

Level A – Basic level

  • Basic knowledge of the language and simple use of a limited vocabulary.
  • Simple dialogues.
  • Translation of simple texts.
  • Grammar: indicative mood, present tense, future tense.
  • Auxiliary verbs.
  • Adjectives.
  • Cases of nouns and prepositions.
  • Essay writing.

Level B – Intermediate level

  • Intermediate level of knowledge.
  • Use and presentation of the content of a text and its morphological and syntactical structures.
  • Grammar: degrees of comparison in adjectives.
  • Irregular verbs.
  • Demonstrative pronouns and their conjugation.
  • Past Continuous tense, Simple Past tense.
  • Sentence formation.
  • Essay writing.

Level C – Advanced level

  • Good knowledge of the language.
  • Well-organised concepts and knowledge.
  • Fluency in oral discourse.
  • Grammar: compound verb tenses.
  • Relative, personal and possessive pronouns.
  • Short forms in personal pronouns.
  • Optative, conditional (potential) and surprise mood of verbs.
  • Essay writing.