ECCE Courses

The ECCE Courses (Examination for the Certification of Competency in English) help you acquire the ECCE certificate easily and quickly. With our help, you may attend online lessons and prepare for the ECCE examination.

The ECCE officially certifies one’s language skills in English and corresponds to the B2 level. It is awarded by the State University of Michigan.

The ECCE certificate is officially recognised by the Greek State as a language certificate, both in the public and the private sector (airline companies, travel agencies, private banks, shipping companies, insurance companies etc.).

The course includes a 4-month programme (150 45-minute sessions) and the total cost is 760€ (4×190). Upon submission of the application to reserve a place in the course, the candidate is to deposit 30€ as a registration fee and an advance of 60€.

The ECCE examination is held in May and December each year and the examination fee is 160€.