TOEFL Lessons

The TOEFL Lessons online (Test οf English as a Foreign Language) lessons help you acquire the TOEFL certificate in a short time and with a low cost. Thanks to our tutors’ support, you can attend the online TOEFL lessons via the Internet and prepare for the examination.

The full educational course for adults wishing to receive the TOEFL certificate covers 100 hours (5 weeks) and includes 50 teaching sessions and 50 hours of computer-based tests. The course costs 240€. The required fee to participate in the examination is 225€. To reserve a place, upon submitting the application, the candidate shall deposit 50€ in advance.

The examination includes sections on reading, writing, listening and speaking and it is entirely computer-based. The examination lasts about 4 hours. All sections (except writing) comprise multiple choice questions exclusively. The examination takes place almost every 10-15 days during the whole year and the results are announced after 15 days.