Internet lessons

Internet lessons are computer-based and realised online. They are no different than private tutoring and they are delivered in a traditional educational manner. There is the possibility of tutoring small groups of 2-3 or 4 students.

Internet lessons – The process

Internet lessons are private courses delivered live with Image and Sound. We are in direct contact (Visual and Audio) throughout the whole lesson for delivery and error correction. There is no difference with private lessons at home, where the tutor is right by your side to provide explanations and corrections.

The lesson is realised via Video Call and not by using an impersonal computer programme. Additionally, there is the possibility of recording the lesson on your computer to revise later. Each course employs the most contemporary learning material available (books, CDs etc.). All the tutors are highly experienced and specialised.

Internet lessons – Advantages

  • It is not necessary for you to leave home, thus saving both time and money.
  • Most of the learning material is provided free of charge and in electronic format.
  • There is the option of scheduling the days and times of the lessons according to your own needs, without having to follow the specific schedule of a language school.

We started the online courses in 2006, using several popular applications, such as skype, msn etc. We continue with excellent results and an upward course, taking advantage of new, pioneering technologies such as the Team Viewer. Today, we provide our own electronic platform for distance learning. We created the first website in Greece to innovate and implement online courses via the Internet (individually or in small groups) for so many different fields. We collaborate with experienced tutors in foreign languages, computers and many other fields.